Ametrine Salon

Denver's first holistic + plant based salon! Specializing in low maintenance dimensional balayage, ammonia-free hair color & environmentally responsible products.

Featuring Oway + select holistic offerings.


Spice Room
AMAZING Indian & Nepalese restaurant in the Highlands! They clearly label vegan options on their menu, offer a fantastic soy chai, and their samosas are the fluffiest crispy triangle pockets of delicious I have ever eaten. Hands down the best Indian food I have had in Denver! (They are looking to offer a vegan buffet one night a week too! Yay!)

Beet Box
Denver's first fully vegan bakery, boasting flaky croissants, savory tarts, fresh sandwiches (on the best bread) & so much more. 

Vegan Van
Newly re-opened, Brittany and Justin roll around to different events each week, bringing amazing homemade seitan wings + a killer caesar.

Hops & Pie
Delicious veganizable pizza (Daiya, delicious housemade italian seitan sausage, smoked tofu + veggies) on Tennyson in the Highlands. They always have interesting beer on tap as well!


Amethyst Coffee
Can't resist another business with an affinity for crystals in their name! Located a few blocks east on the other side of Speer,  this cafe has Beet Box pastries, a rotating guest roaster, plus one of my favorite tea lattes (Not A Chai Flan). Plenty of (free) bike and car parking too!

Molecule Effect
The local coffee shop only 1/2 a block from the salon - boasting wine, beer, kombucha, tea, and coffee drinks! Comfy seating inside + a patio area out front make this a great meeting spot. They don't even blink an eye at clients with foils in their hair!

Novo Coffee
There are multiple locations in Denver, although I've always been partial to the 6th Ave spot. In addition to roasting fantastic coffee, they also boast a house made chai - delicious iced with Califia Farms almond milk!

Steam Espresso Bar
Steam has my heart, partially due to their oat milk lattes, but their patio is hands down my favorite in Denver! Does anyone else have a half garden with a small plane just chilling? Plus the interior is the perfect balance of modern + farmhouse.


Zero Market
This zero waste market opened their space in Stapleton at the Stanley Marketplace in early 2017! Some of you probably visited the pop up at The Night Bazaar in 5 Points in 2016, but you'll find 600+ additional high quality items here in triple the space. They are extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have!

NOOCH | Vegan Market
The perfect place to find that vegan food or body care item that you can't seem to find anywhere else, along with grab'n'go snacks and the best staff! Many local events are also hosted or co-sponsered by NOOCH.

Taking over from Ironwood, Rosehouse keeps this Baker spot nice and green with their expansive collection of plants! If you need a little help keeping succulents or crazy-cool tree-like plants alive - just ask & you'll feel better prepared for your new friend. Check out their herbs + teas on the wall as well!

Luke is Ametrine's original plant guy - all the plants at our first location on 16th St came from his light filled spot near Sloan's Lake. Quite a few of the current plants are from Planted as well (if they survived the move!) He also creates one of a kind pots/holders out of reclaimed wood that stand the test of time!