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Can I Have That (Fashion) Haircolor?

With so many amazing stylists and clients sharing their work on social media, it's understandable that many of us crave a color that is on the other end of the color spectrum from our current shade! But can you actually wear that coveted color? Here's a quick overview to answer questions you may not have even thought of!


Trends:  There are two huge color trends at the moment - grey/silver and vivids/pastels. And unfortunately, not everyone can have either. The darker your hair is (naturally or colored) the more difficult it is to get the perfect blank canvas. For most vivid shades you need to be lifted to a medium blonde (at the very least) - and when it comes to coveted grey & silver tones? We need to lift your hair to the palest blonde for the best possible outcome.


Time:  To begin, we must create the proper canvas for your hair dream - and this takes multiple steps. Lightening, highlighting, toning, bond building, toning again, deep conditioning treatments. Minimum time for a color correction tends to be 4 hours in most cases, however when dealing with a darker starting level, timing can increase to 8+ hours. Even if we could bleach your hair to white in 6 hours, maintaining the health of your hair is our main goal, so we advise breaking up transformations into several appointments. There's no point to having your goal color if your hair feels like a $5 wig :)


Cost:  Getting that perfect tone does not come cheap! There are multiple processes required at each appointment, and many times we are looking at several appointments for your final result. We start creating a timeline based on your in-person consultation - budget, time available on both sides, health of the hair, etc. Every head of hair is different, so prices will range based on what is needed for your specific goal and starting point!


Lasting:  These hues are temporary - upkeep is key. Grey or silver tones can be extended by use of O&M's Conquer Blonde Shampoo and Deep Conditioner (available in salon). Pastel shades tend to fade within 2-4 weeks (washing max 4 times in that period) while vivids fluctuate by individual color (anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months). Due to quick fading of fashion tones, taking home a custom color conditioner is key for longevity!


Still not quite sure what you'd like to do? Request a color consultation via our online booking page!  Together we can collaborate and create the hair of your dreams!