Ametrine Salon

Denver's first vegan salon! Specializing in balayage, ammonia-free hair color, & environmentally responsible products.

Featuring Oway + Pulp Riot.

plant based & cruelty-free hair studio


On November 7th, 2014, Ametrine Salon officially opened as a single chair suite salon in Downtown Denver on 16th St. As of 2016, the salon is occupying an intimate space in the Santa Fe Art District.


Kat began coloring + cutting hair in kitchens & bathrooms at a young age (like many other hairstylists). However, it took her till the age of 23 to embrace hair as a profession & passion. Her stylist in Boulder inspired her to enroll in hairdressing school &  promised her an apprenticeship. A week later, she was figuring out the details & paperwork required for this new adventure! After a year of learning from her mentor, Kat made the move to Denver.

During this journey, Kat changed to a vegan diet + lifestyle. After visiting local salons to get a feel for the vibe & checking their product lines thoroughly, she discovered the vision in her head didn't exist - yet. Many companies created products that worked well, and some made vegan options or didn't test on animals - but finding great smelling, long lasting, ethically produced, highly concentrated, AND plant based hair color + styling potions was a struggle.


Oway styling products & color are the main focus at Ametrine Salon. Their ethos closely resembles ours, providing products that use the highest quality biodynamically/organically grown ingredients, fair trade sourcing, and boast fully recyclable boston brown glass bottles.